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Ms.Cassie’s House

At Ms. Cassie's House we plan to positively impact health disparities, at the neighborhood level beginning in Glenville and surrounding neighborhoods and ultimately expanding to East Cleveland and Mt. Pleasant.

Watch this video that speaks of Miss Cassie’s inspiring life story about how she has helped the Glenville community throughout the years.

What is Community Health Worker?

CHWs generally come from the communities they serve and are therefore uniquely prepared to provide culturally and linguistically appropriate services.

Community Health Workers (CHW) help people to improve their health and well-being by raising personal health awareness through informing, educating and supporting those who need it. They are embedded within the community and share the message about the importance of improving health.

The biggest strength of a CHW is community engagement. They deliver hands-on health promotion work, and with the plethora of medical issues due to generational health disparities, are trained to take on, and successfully deliver, any public health
project which aims to engage with the general public or a specific group.

CHW’s act as a connector/catalyst between the public, communities, third sector, and other public or private organizations. Most of all, CHW’s are dedicated to bringing
diversity and community building into health promotion, for the purpose of creating stronger, healthier communities. CHW’s reflect the fabric of community and are a highly diverse group their cultural understanding and local knowledge.

Its Official

AVOC’s goal with this initiative is to engage each person we serve, inspire awareness of health and well-being, and empower individuals to take control over their own lifestyle. We will use Community Health Workers alongside other medical professionals to work collaboratively with the regional community health initiatives to significantly reduce health disparities in targeted communities.


A Vision of Change’s Community Village to Wellness

Through a healthy equity lens, our Community Villages to Wellness are aligned with all the Northeast Ohio region’s healthy eating/active living and chronic disease self-management strategies. Your support is necessary to sustain capacity within AVOC to support this opportunity with staff and services and just as important, to improve health, wellness in targeted communities within Greater Cleveland.

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